Do people spin to crochet?

Woohoo! I got my new Spin-Off magazine in the mail this weekend and I had

Spin Off Magazine

fun thumbing through it and reading some of the articles this weekend. Since carding is coming up in my fleece series, the advice on carding and blending will come in handy. One article about spinning wool embroidery thread caught my attention since I have enjoyed embroidery in the past. There are also projects for spinning to knit, and spinning to weave. There were, however, no projects for crochet.

This is the third Spin-Off magazine I’ve received and there have been no spin for crochet projects. In fact, I’ve noticed this lack throughout the spinning world. Googling did lead me to ONE (only one!) e-book from Interweave Press called “Spin-Off Presents: Spinning for Crochet,” so I bought it. (As a side note,  I do not usually buy e-books because 1) I do have and do not want a device to read them anywhere I want, 2) they are usually the same price as regular publications, minus the shipping, and 3) I’m old fashioned in some respects and I enjoy holding a book.) After skimming the e-book, I found some interesting tips, which I intend to use in my fleece project; I also plan to make some of the patterns, as well.

So, do people spin to crochet?

We do know that people in the past have spun to crochet. They had to, especially when thread was not widely available in stores. How else did ladies of the past produce antimacassars, doilies and lace? I imagine, however, with the advent of the mass production of thread, spinning to crochet became increasingly unnecessary.  Why not start again though? Crocheters don’t only produce items made with thread. We are interested in a variety of yarns and projects just as are knitters. Some of us, like myself, even choose not to knit. The last time I tried, I felt like I was trying to keep wet noodles on a ceramic chopstick. It took ten minutes for me to put those knitting needles back in my kitchen drawer for making ebelskivers and to take up my hook once again.

I do realize that I did not give knitting a fair chance and I admire the beautiful items that knitters create. However, there are now so many crochet techniques to learn and so many wonderful patterns that I can happily crochet for the rest of my life without bothering to knit. Spinning now adds to that pleasure and I would like to see more articles geared toward people like me.

What are your opinions on this?

P.S. I receive no compensation from for the links in this article, I’m just sharing. If you enjoy spinning and do not receive this Spin-Off magazine, it is a great resource.

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