Sari Silk is in stock!

If you are looking for a fun yarn  I may have something or you. Sari Silk is now in stock in my Etsy store The Pen & Hook!

You can choose from six gorgeous colors: turquoise, royal blue, ivory, black, coral and grape.

This yarn is made by hand in India at a cooperative that creates jobs for women who would otherwise have no work and no way to provide for their families. Silk saris are torn into quarter-inch strips and sewn together to make 60 yards of incredible yarn. Sari Silk can be used for almost anything – clothing, shawls, scarves, baskets, wall hangings, table runners, rugs, jewelry! People knit, crochet, macrame, weave and make jewelry with it. You can even dye the ivory for your own unique yarn. The possibilities are limitless.

Here is the yarn:

I’m offering this yarn to blog readers at 15 percent off for a limited time. Just type in the code BLOG15 and you’ll receive the 15 percent off!

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