What I’m working on

Sleeve in progress

So what am I working on? If my husband were here he would ask, “What aren’t you working on?”

It’s true. I have a tendency to stock up on works in progress as if the world were ending tomorrow. Secretly, I thought the works in progress might be a good ruse to stock up on yarn in case zombies attack or some other disaster occurs and all the stores close. Zombies aside, my real reason is that I just get excited about the possibilities of a project and I might have a slight case of attention deficit disorder when it comes to yarn. One of my friends calls it a “full life”. My family calls it a bit crazy, so don’t tell them about the zombies because then they will really think I’m nuts. Oh well, at least I am never bored.

The fleece is still in the works. I’ve had to hold up a bit to take pictures for my shop and to take more time to practice the piano. Plus, there is spring cleaning. At the moment I am still teasing the fleece, but I may be teasing it too much. I’ll share a bit more on that later.

So what am I working on right now? Or, perhaps the better question may be, what am I focusing on right now? It’s something for my husband, actually. A sweater. My first sweater, in fact. Scratch that. My second. Years ago I made a cardigan and it turned out way too big for the person for whom it was intended. The stitch was also not correct. My recipient didn’t like it because 1) the stitch was regarded as too feminine and 2) it was too big. As you can guess, it was for a man.

Even though, construction-wise the sweater turned out pretty well for a first try, I was put off. First of all, I was very young and didn’t understand that most men like plain clothing, especially if it is handmade. Secondly, because I was young and lacked confidence, I let the reactions of others (snerking, uncontained laughter, disgust) keep me from trying again. That is, until now.

Now I am making a sweater for my husband out of  a charcoal gray light worsted weight 100 percent alpaca yarn. As you can see the stitch pattern is very plain, which is how he wants it. I hope to get it finished by April 22nd when our family goes up to the mountains to see the son who is in college perform for his senior seminar. Hopefully, Mike will be able to wear it then. I anticipate that he will because the mountains can still be very chilly this time of year.

The sweater is more than halfway finished. I am working on the second sleeve and it is going much faster than the first. All that is left after that is the neck band and construction. I hope he will love it.



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