What I am reading …

On top of all the yarn craft, I still take some time to read.

Here is what I am reading:



This is a great throne room read since the book is made up of short sections. It’s basically a how to that details different techniques to spin the yarn you want. It also gives brief explanations on combing, carding and dyeing, but it is not a comprehensive book on making yarn. Like the other spinning resources I’ve read, this book gives me the feeling of sitting down with a seasoned spinner and finding out what they do since everyone seems to do things a little differently.


This is a nice publication from Annie’s and Crochet! magazine. It has some good articles on choosing yarns and on color, plus it has wonderful patterns. Truthfully, I have never wanted to make every pattern in a publication like I do this one. Another feature that I really like is that the patterns for this special publication are divided into yarn weights so it is easy to find the yarn you already my have in your stash for the pattern you want to make. Ha ha. Yeah sure.


Right now, I’m in the book of Matthew. The nice thing about this Bible is that it provides questions to think about for sections of Scripture. I am doing the appointed reading one day and then on following days I am journaling about each section of Scripture within the chapter or the Lectio Divina reading. For those who don’t know Lectio Divina is Latin for “divine reading.” It is an ancient spiritual formation practice of the church that incorporates reading, meditation, listening and prayer. It is not study. It is reflection on God’s word.


This one is for grins. Hubby tells me that I do not read enough fiction and he’s right. I used to love reading fiction and then as my time grew more limited I just read what I needed for spiritual growth and for crochet and spinning. After reading “The Source” by the same author I decided that I could really learn a lot from him so I picked up this novel. I love historical fiction and Michener did it well.


This nugget arrived yesterday just after I read “the ONE question you can ask yourself to determine if you are being controlled” by the Naked Pastor, David Hayward. I’ve already read three chapters (that’s more because of the way the book is formatted) and I am laying aside “Poland” for a little bit to finish this one.

What are you reading?

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