The danger of intense fiber-mindedness


Here is a picture of me. I am at the Salida Fiber Festival and my budget is spent. The goofy smile on my face says that I am quite satisfied. I’ve been looking at, touching, and buying spinning fiber (along with a little yarn) all morning. I’m in my happy place. I am inspired. I am in the fiber zone. I am ready to crochet or spin or dream of what I will make with all that fiber.

Yet, all of this fiber mindedness had one drawback:


Parked for over two hours?? Yes, we did that. The funny thing is that we went back to the car before the ticket was there and put stuff in it. We then trotted off to lunch! We could have moved the van then but did we think of that? No. Mike was hungry and I was thinking of how I would make sure to hit the rest of the booths at the fiber fair.

Oh well. The day was fun anyway and the police officer was just doing his job. At least it’s only $20.00. Where I live it’s $35, but I’m not telling that to the city of Salida.



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