An excuse to spin …

20140722_122045_20227This year I decided to do something new. I signed up for Spinzilla! Well, maybe I don’t care about doing something new, I just want an excuse to spin.

Spinzilla is a week long adventure of fiber fun. You get to spin your little heart out and collect yardage for your team. That will be my excuse to spin more often – as if I needed one!

Really, though, how many times do we put off our projects and put off learning and practicing what we enjoy doing for other things? All too often. True, some of those things, like grocery shopping, going to work, sleep, showering, fixing meals, etc., are all important but come on! Let’s spin!

My team is Paradise Fibers. I joined them because they sent out an email asking people to join their team.

Proceeds from the $10.00 registration fee go toward the Needle Arts Mentoring Program , which is sponsored by the National NeedleArts Association. Last year, 5,246,497 yards of yarn were spun and this includes plying. That is a lot of yarn, my friends!

Here is a link to sign up for Spinzilla. Don’t put it off; the last day to sign up is September 30 because the event takes place October 3 – 9. I will be spinning in the evenings (and maybe at lunch) with fiber that I bought at the Salida Fiber Fest and with what I will get at the Taos Wool Festival.  Hee, hee – I return from that the day before Spinzilla starts – is that convenient or what?  Don’t worry. If you can’t go to a fiber festival, you can surf the websites of Spinzilla’s sponsors because they are having specials.

All of the teams have forums on Ravelry and from the looks of it, many participants are now preparing their fibers for the event. There is a mad rush of dyeing, carding, and combing. What will I do to prepare? Since my fibers are prepared, I’m going to finish up some of my crochet projects so that I won’t have to think about them during the week of spinning bliss. Now doesn’t that sound like a plan? Are you gonna sign up?


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