The Roving that Started it All

I have not always been a spinner. This is a relatively new obsession … uh …hobby … that started with a birthday gift given to me by my oldest son Andrew.

Andrew has always leaned toward creative doings. About five years ago he bought a 4-ounce skein of wool roving in beautiful blue shades from an Etsy store, and gave it to me for my birthday. “Can you make something for yourself with this?” he asked. Neither one of us was sure what to do with it (oh, how naive I was!), but it was soft and beautiful so I said “yes.” Little did we realize what an absolutely perfect gift it was.

After a little research, I found that I could spin, felt, crochet or knit the roving. I wasn’t quite sure how to crochet it so I looked into spinning and ended up buying a drop spindle. However, after getting the drop spindle, I put it away along with the roving and didn’t pull it out of the box for some time. At that point in my life, I was working full time and doing my master’s degree at night so I didn’t have much freedom to craft. Gosh, that makes me tired just to think of it!

A few years later, we discovered the Salida Fiber Festival and found that they had a drop spindle spinning class.  I signed up for it, had a great time in the class and then promptly fell in love with a Matchless Spinning Wheel by Schacht out in the market. My husband, who is very supportive of my fiber addiction surprised me with that spinning wheel at the Taos Wool Festival, and we were off!

It still took a while to pull out that roving that Andrew had given me but once I spun it and saw how the varying shades of blue just melded together I just had to do something with it.img_0494

By that time, he had given me another roving. This one was white (he didn’t know what kind of wool it was) so out came the dye pot. I painted it aqua, green and purple then steamed it.


Once it dried, I pulled out another bobbin for my spinning wheel and made a single ply. I then plied the blue shaded ply and the tri-colored ply with a Z twist and got the worsted weight yarn that you see in the picture below (I’m still at the try-this-and-see-what-it-does stage).


Z-twist plying is great for crochet so when I saw a pattern in Interweave’s Fall 2016 edition’s Fizz Scarf, I knew that it was perfect for this yarn. It’s lacy, but it supports a heavier yarn. And, I love how the different colors in the scarf blend with different backgrounds.

Now we just need cooler weather!


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