Spinzilla results are coming in

I tell you what. It’s been a little crazy since Mike and I returned from the Taos Wool Festival, which was held October 1-2. The day after we returned was the beginning of Spinzilla – a week long fiber spinning free for all for spinners all over the world. I started on my yardage that Monday.

I spun with the Paradise Fibers team and we connected with each other over on Ravelry. There was not much talk coming from me during Spinzilla, but it was interesting to see what people were posting during Spinzilla, and after the week was over.

Here is what I spun:


Yep, that was a week’s worth of spinning for me. 878 yards is nothing compared to what some spinners do, but for me, it was a lot. Next year will be better, I am sure.

For my yarn, I wanted to experiment with alpaca fiber so I reached to the bottom of my stash and pulled out several carded batts in different colors. I had purchased them at last year’s Taos Wool Festival. They were still in spinnable condition even though they weren’t as smooth as they were when I bought them. That’s part of the problem of having a spinning stash. You have to spin it otherwise it may start to felt or dry out.

Despite some neps (bumps in the fiber) I spun a multicolored ply with pink, green, blue-gray and brown. I spun the pink in between every color change so that there would be some continuity in the ply. I worked at spinning the alpaca with a moderate twist. I used a long draw method and allowed the twist to move into the fiber for a woolen preparation, which actually turned into a semi-woolen prep because I occasionally got distracted.

For the second ply, I used a white Cheviot roving that I bought at the Salida Fiber Fest. That was really fun fiber to spin with since it was very easy to manage. I spun that bobbin up in just a few hours.

I then plied them together for a mottled look. It looks rather springy, don’t you think?

If you are a spinner, consider joining Spinzilla next year. You can go rogue and compete against others who go rogue, or you can join a team. You can go to www.spinzilla.com to learn more.

P.S. It looks like the Paradise Fiber team so far has spun more than 2 miles of yarn. Wow!

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