What I am reading …

I read a lot. Not quite as much as I used to when I was in my master’s program (one 500 page book in a weekend is a bit too fast for me), and not half as much as my husband, but for me books and articles are a great way to learn.


One of my favorite reads is historical fiction. Since my last post in August, 2015 on this subject, I have read “The Winds of War” by Herman Wouk.


This book will take you all over World War II from its beginnings in Europe, to Pearl Harbor. And now I am reading the sequel, “War and Remembrance”.


It really is a stunning series. Wouk is a masterful writer. He took years to research and write these two huge volumes. A word of unsolicited advice: If you don’t want to read that much and decide you’ll watch the mini-series of the same name starring Robert Mitchum …. don’t. While Mitchum, Haim Topol and Peter Graves play their parts well, the rest of the cast, especially in the first series depicting “The Winds of War,” is seriously lacking. Cast changes for “War and Remembrance,” including Jane Seymour as Natalie, make the second mini-series  much better. In this case I would definitely recommend the books over the films.



After my weaving class in Taos, my hubby purchased a rigid heddle loom for me! To learn how to use it, I bought “Weaving Made Easy” by Liz Gipson.. If you remember, Gipson was the instructor of my class. How lucky is that? There will be more posts on this in the near future to let you know how it goes.

This book just came in the mail yesterday and if I can rip my eyes away from the beautiful photography, I may learn something.


“Spin to Weave,” by Sara Lamb is what the front cover says, “the weaver’s guide to making yarn.” I can’t wait to get to the point where I can make yarn for both crocheting and weaving! What fun that will be.


And last, but not least, both hubby and I are reading a daily newsletter by Fr. Richard Rohr for our spiritual reading.

“Richard Rohr offers daily meditations to awaken us to God’s loving presence in all things. Drawing from the Christian scriptures and tradition as well as non-dual teachers from other religions, Fr. Richard reframes neglected or misunderstood teachings to reveal our True Self in God. From this awareness, we are called to act in ways of compassion and healing for the world.

The meditations explore different topics in 1-2 week segments, following a year-long theme. Every Saturday Fr. Richard suggests a contemplative practice to help us bring the week’s teaching deeper than comprehension alone. “Gateway to Silence” prayers or mantras open our hearts to wordless wisdom.

Fr. Richard’s meditations this year invite us to discover, experience, and participate in the foundation of our existence—Love.”   From the Center for Action and Contemplation web site.

These daily readings are very challenging and thought-provoking.  I’ve enjoyed them immensely and can’t wait to see what topic the new year brings.

What are you reading? Have you read anything I’ve mentioned? What did you think?

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