Experienced spinner, weaver inspires creativity in “Spin to Weave”

As a relatively new spinner and weaver, I am forever on the lookout for ideas and tips that 61r0vyeob0l-_sx413_bo1204203200_will help me in my crafting journey. I prefer to buy books  for this so that I can mark the pages and refer to them often but it is rare for me to read through an entire “how to book” cover to cover. “Spin to Weave: The Weaver’s Guide to Making Yarn,” by Sara Lamb, was not like that. This book is so full of great tips and advice from a very experienced and knowledgeable spinner and weaver that you will want to read it cover to cover.

I purchased “Spin to Weave” from Knit Picks at their 40 percent off sale. When the package arrived, I took out the book and was immediately drawn in by the gorgeous, colorful photography. In fact, found myself thumbing through the book several times to look at the pictures before I was able to rip my gaze away and actually read the words. After reading the book, I concluded that it was well worth my money.

Lamb’s designs are shown in simple weave or twill to demonstrate how to make the most of color. She offers great tips on dyeing warp and about what to do if you are not pleased with the colors in a final product. Lamb gives tips on how to spin fiber for weaving and on how to blend colors through plying.

In the back of the book, Lamb shows how she used the spun fibers she made for the book and gives sewing guidelines. My favorite pattern was the Pygora hooded scarf because Lamb demonstrated how to make the most of a relatively small amount of expensive fiber by weaving it with complimentary fibers and by positioning it in a way to take advantage of Pygora’s inherent softness. Other designs included shawls, scarves, a vest and a lovely kimono.

In short, I found the book inspiring. After reading a page or two, I just wanted to go play with my fiber, yarn and dyes. Any book that can inspire creativity like that is definitely worth the read.

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