It snowed this weekend. In Colorado mountains, snow is a common winter time experience, but here on the High Plains where the weather can be unpredictable, we don’t take the moisture for granted.

I love snow. People think I’m crazy, but there is nothing more beautiful than watching it fall, from the window of my cozy house. It looks beautiful as it gathers on branches and fence posts. It is also amazingly quiet when it snows. Have you ever listened to the silence? There is something calming about it, almost ethereal.

Do you believe that the presence of God can be found anywhere? In Romans 1, Paul writes:  “Ever since the creation of the world his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things he has made.”  In other words, the attributes and presence of God are demonstrated throughout creation. God indwells creation so that it speaks to humanity about his wonder and salvation.

That fact makes for some interesting introspection. What can a tree tell me about God? What can the snow tell me about God? What does my dog say about his creator?

As I lay in bed Sunday morning, listening to the silence of the snowfall, I thought about how snow whispers to me about my Creator. My mind drifted from the silence being similar to God’s still small voice on down to the minute snowflake. Through a microscope, the snowflake is a wonder. No two are alike. All are intricately created as if the angels sat around in heaven cutting them from ice crystals. In the big picture, snowfall transfigures the landscape, making it something beautiful. Snowflakes resemble human beings. They have a common Creator who made no two alike. We are all intricately created with great care. If we all worked together, we could transform this world into something beautiful. Yet, oftentimes, we think that to work together we all have to think, believe and behave the same way. That is impossible!

In his daily post, Father Richard Rohr stated that “spiritual unity is diversity loved and overcome, never mere uniformity.” We can still be unified despite our differences. We can compromise, accept and love each other for who we are and make something beautiful. To do this we will have to give up selfishness and our own feelings of self-importance. However, we do not have to give up the very essence of ourselves; nor do others have to give up what makes them who they are. To require this, to force everyone to be carbon copies of one another, goes against the grain of our Creator and the way God does things.

Just ask the snowflake.

“…Spiritual unity is diversity loved and overcome, never mere uniformity.”

                                                                        – Richard Rohr

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